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Expert Outdoor Lighting, Audio & Water Feature Services for Homes, Businesses & HOAs in Houston Heights, TX

We can install outdoor lighting, audio, and water features, perform repairs, and more.

Houston Heights is a neighborhood located in the heart of Houston, TX. This community has a rich history dating back to the 1800s and has many unique characteristics that make it stand out from other neighborhoods. For example, it boasts stunning Victorian-style homes and a diverse range of restaurants, shops, and cafes. You can also enjoy the First Saturday Arts Market, which features live music, artwork, and more!

Here at Equinox Outdoor Lighting, we offer expert outdoor lighting, audio, and water feature services to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Houston Heights, TX. We can handle anything from installing outdoor lighting, audio, and water features to performing repairs and maintenance, plus much more.

Our Outdoor Lighting & Audio Services

We offer all the outdoor lighting services you need to keep your property bright even after the sun goes down! Our team can install your lighting system using only LEDs so you can enjoy long-lasting, energy-efficient illumination. We also follow a meticulous process to ensure we do it right the first time, which starts with creating three designs for you to choose from to satisfy your needs and preferences. Once you've decided on which you want, we'll come back to get to work! We'll set up the transformer, assemble the light fixtures, and perform any necessary adjustments to get everything the way it should.

Additionally, we offer GPS timers for your outdoor lighting system, which utilize satellite data to turn it on and off according to the time of day in Houston Heights, TX! Our crew can also perform repairs to get it back up and running again, with some common issues being burnt-out bulbs, knocked-over fixtures, and even fire ants! If you want to minimize problems in the future, look no further than our outdoor lighting maintenance program. This program includes three visits per year to perform any adjustments and maintain its tip-top shape.

But wait, that's not all - we can also install outdoor audio so you can listen to music while spending time in your outside space in Houston Heights! Some places where we most commonly put the speakers include outdoor kitchens, basketball courts, and pools.

We offer water feature installation and repair services in Houston Heights, TX.

A water feature is a perfect addition to your outdoor space in Houston Heights, TX, as it brings tranquility while serving as a focal point. At Equinox Outdoor Lighting, we offer a water feature installation service to help you achieve that, and our team can construct anything you want, whether a bubbler, urn, or fountain, among others. Not only that, but we also provide a repair service to get it back in optimal condition. We can even thoroughly clean it so that it's pristine again.

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Are you interested in enhancing your property's beauty and functionality? If so, we can help you achieve those goals with our outdoor lighting, audio, and water feature services. We offer these services to residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Houston Heights, TX. Call us today at (832) 592-7867 to schedule any of our services, and let us prove why we're the ones for the job!