If you plan on investing in landscape lighting for your property in Texas, you'll want to know what to expect so that you're prepared. After the initial phone call, there will be an in-person consultation with professionals to discuss your goals for the landscape lighting project, and they'll assess your outside space to ensure they can accommodate your vision. After that, they'll create a design, usually providing a few options you can choose from. Then, you'll lock in an installation date and typically put some money down for the project. Finally, you can expect the pros to return at that time to install your landscape lighting and make any necessary adjustments so that everything is perfect.

There Will Be an In-Person Consultation With Pros to Discuss Your Landscape Lighting Project

After the initial phone call with professionals about starting your landscape lighting project, there will be an in-person consultation. During this meeting, pros will visit your property to discuss your goals and preferences for your lighting. They'll listen to your ideas, plus assess your outside space to determine the best course of action to accommodate your vision. If they spot an issue, they can let you know and provide suggestions to still give you just what you want from the final product.

Pros Will Create a Landscape Lighting Design, Usually Providing a Few Options to Choose From

Once an idea for your landscape lighting is outlined, pros will create a design. Some companies can do it on the spot, while others will call or email you at a later date with the design. Either way, they usually provide a few options you can choose from, which come with different pricing, too. These designs will portray where all the light fixtures will be and everything you want to highlight on your property. That way, you can feel confident knowing how your finished project will look before installation begins!

Once You Choose a Design for Your Landscape Lighting, You'll Lock in an Installation Date

After you've picked the design you want for your landscape lighting, the next step is to lock in an installation date. At this point, most companies usually require you to put down some money towards the project. Then, you'll work out a time that works best for both you and their schedules, though installation typically occurs anywhere from two weeks to a month after the design phase.

Pros Will Install Your Landscape Lighting & Make Any Necessary Adjustments

Once your landscape lighting installation day arrives, pros will let you know how long the entire process will take so that you're updated every step of the way. Then, they'll begin installing your system, following a tried-and-tested process that involves setting up the transformer and assembling the light fixtures. After that, they'll make any necessary adjustments so that everything is perfect and set up as it should, which usually takes place after dark for the most accuracy. Once they finish, they'll have you come out and look at the final product to ensure you're happy with how it has turned out.

You'll want to select a company that offers warranties with their landscape lighting so you can feel confident in your investment!

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